Happy Father's Day! Today, we're celebrating all you who are Dads, and we wanted to share something a little bit different. This week, we went to some of our local elementary schools for their final week and asked the students what they liked best about their dads. The answers we got were hilarious, sweet and cute. We hope these quotes and observations bring you joy and inspiration today!

Eric P: My dad gives the best high fives. He even high fives my mom. I think that's so cool. I've never seen any of my friends parents high five, but mine do.

Tyler B: I race my dad anytime we play outside. He's SUPER fast. I can't wait to be fast like him.

Samantha R: My daddy makes me pancakes every Saturday. Sometimes he tries to do faces with fruit, but he always lets me put chocolate and whipped cream on them. It's like candy for breakfast!

Gabe V: My dad always wants hugs after he gets home from running a ton of miles. I mean, I want to hug my dad. Just not when he's all sweaty.

Destin T: I love when my dad gets home from work. We always get to play really cool games. This one time we pretended that we were astronauts and used my bed like it was the moon. That was my favorite.

Alan S: My dad is a literal superhero. He's a police officer. I want to be JUST LIKE him when I grow up. He's so cool.

Jack C: My friend's dads don't let us help work on cars or in the garage, but my dad does. He says that a hard days work in the garage makes you feel accomplished, and I think that's probably true.

Candice W: Right now we're reading Alice in Wonderland and my dad does ALL the voices! I love when he reads to me. It's a million times better than watching TV.

Nathan M: My dad and I always play baseball together with my older brothers. He even coached me this year! He's the best. Even better than all the super heroes put together.

Devin V: My dad officially adopted me two weeks ago. I was worried that I wouldn't get adopted. I'm in fifth grade, no one wants an older kid like me. But my dad fostered me and adopted me. He's my best friend. I cannot wait to make him proud one day.

From all of us at Ellison Education, we hope you have a fantastic Father's Day!