There's a lot to love about Easter décor, including colorful eggs, fuzzy baby chicks and ear-resistible bunnies with baskets full of goodies. It doesn't matter what grade you teach, Easter is the perfect excuse to add a fresh look to your classroom. From doors and bulletin boards to hands-on learning activities, here's some of our favorite ideas for an egg-stra-ordinary Easter!

A blank door is like an empty canvas, just waiting to be decorated. Plus, it's the first thing students see when entering the classroom, so a great design can have a positive effect on their whole day. Full-size bunny faces are especially popular for Easter, but any bright and colorful scene is sure to bring smiles to everyone who walks through the door.

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Next up are classroom bulletin boards! We particularly love bulletin board designs that incorporate student artwork and photos. When you get kids involved in the decorating process, they'll feel like their classroom contributions really matter.

easter decorationsSources: Teachers Pay Teachers, Instagram, Pinterest and Easy Peasy & Fun.

If bunnies and chicks are too cutesy for your classroom style, try a broader spring theme to brighten up your space. Trees, flowers and butterflies make pretty accents for calendars and motivational sentiments, but they can also be used to complement lesson plans on the seasonal cycle or plant and animal biology.

easter decorationsSources: Easy Peasy & Fun, Creative Mommas, Pinterest and Pinterest.

The ceiling is an overlooked area when it comes to classroom decoration. We like how a few hanging flowers can make a big difference in how the whole room feels. And while you're at it, don't forget the windows!

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If you prefer to keep things simple, bunting is easy to make with die-cut shapes, and quick to install. Easter favorites include bunnies and eggs, of course! Other small, colorful touches can really make your classroom come alive.

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We also love these ideas for incorporating Easter and spring themes into your classroom learning centers. What a fun and creative way to acknowledge the holiday without detracting from your lesson plans!

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Don't miss this opportunity to bring a little Easter and springtime fun into your classroom! Share your favorite ideas with us in the comments below and make sure to stop by our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison team!