Discover the four seasons!

Learn the four seasons, different types of weather and changes that occur during various times of the year with this innovative project. It’s the perfect classroom display that will be sure to brighten up your classroom.

Let’s get started!

Supplies needed:

  • Ellison® Prestige™ Pro Machine (#19101) or Ellison® SuperStar™ Excel Machine Only w/Extended Sliding Tray & Sliding Adapter Pad (#30650)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Fall, Combo (Large) – (#29314-LG)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Flower #1A, Generic (Large) – (13329-LG)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Winter, Combo (Large) – (29320-LG)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Flower, Pansy (Large) – (13345-LG)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Leaf, Maple #2 (Large) – (23809-LG)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Circle (XL) – (#15750-XL)
  • Sizzix™ Making Essential – Cardstock (#663007)
  • Sizzix™ Tool – Paper Sculpting Kit (#662225)
  • Black Cardstock (x4)
  • White Cardstock
  • PVA Glue
  • Black String
  • Inks (Yellow, Orange and Red)
  • Printer or Pen



  1. Die-cut the leaves (29314-LG and 23809-LG), flowers (13329-LG and 13345-LG) and snowflakes (29320-LG) using the corresponding colors from the cardstock (663007).
  2. Next, use the inks to add more colors to the leaves. This a great opportunity to get the children involved and you can talk about why the leaves change color in the fall. Use orange, red and yellow to add dimension to the leaves.
  3. Use the paper sculpting kit (#662225) to add a 3D look to the flowers that were die-cut using (13329-LG).
  4. Die-cut the flowers (#13345-LG) from green cardstock and adhere the stem and leaf to the flower.
  5. Using (15750-XL) die-cut 4 circles from black cardstock.
  6. Adhere each season onto a black circle.
  7. Use a printer to type and print each season name. Alternatively, use a pen to hand write the labels.
  8. Finally, adhere the labels to the corresponding season and tie together with black string ready to hang on the wall.

What do you think of this project? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison Education team!

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