Discover The Layers of The Earth!

Students find the Earth fascinating! Learning about the Earth’s layers is extremely important, and essential to understanding how the Earth works. Students will love getting involved in creating this project to visually display the different layers.

Let's get started!

Supplied needed:

  • Ellison® Prestige™ Pro Machine (#19101) or Ellison® SuperStar™ Excel Machine Only w/Extended Sliding Tray & Sliding Adapter Pad (#30650)
  • Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Solar System- XL (31512-XL)
  • Sizzix™ Making Essential – Cardstock (#663007)
  • Glue
  • Pen or Pencil
  • White Ribbon



  1. Die-cut the Earth and three circles using the Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Solar System- XL (31512-XL) using blue, green, red, yellow and orange cardstock.
  2. Adhere the Earth’s components together using glue.
  3.  Adhere the circles together so they are layered using glue.
  4. Using a pen or pencil write the names of the Earth’s layers on the different circles.
  5. Fold the Earth and layered circles in half.
  6. Glue one of the folded sides of the Earth to one of the folded sides of the layered circles. Die-cut another circle using the Ellison® SureCut™ Die – Solar System- XL (31512-XL) to glue to the back of the project. Don’t forget to trap a ribbon in between the layers when gluing together.

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