5 Projects Perfect For Earth Day

5 Projects Perfect For Earth DayIf you have a bit of spare time between planting trees and picking up litter, we have a few favorite projects we can't wait to share with you for Earth Day! Grab some recyclables and give these 5 creative lesson plans a try!

1. Butterfly Tote Bag



Did you know that our dies easily cut through fabric? Open the door for an eco-friendly lesson by helping your students create their own tote bags, perfect for carrying books. These bags also make great a gifts and can be used for fundraising.  Grab the free lesson plan here to get started.

2. My World Booklet


Stretch those writing muscles with this easy and fun DIY book. Encourage your students to write anything from simple sentences to five-paragraph essays. These versatile books can support writing exercises in all major subject areas, they are not just limited to Earth Day. You can use any kind of paper to make these, but we suggest using recycled paper to make this an eco-friendly project. How amazing would it be to create an entire library with books authored by your students? Grab the free lesson plan here for the full scoop.

3. Growing Garden Cube


This garden is so easy, it may surprise you! You don't need dirt to grow this fun little plant and best of all, it makes an excellent gift for your students to take home while learning all about living things and how they grow. Grab the free lesson plan here to dig right in.

4. Plant Life Cycle


Throw a little science into the mix with this plant project,  ideal to help older students learn about the the scientific method. Students can use any recyclable container, such a liter bottle or soup cans, to investigate the plant life cycle and observe the stages of growth and development. Check out the full how-to instructions here.

5. Recyclable Materials Magnets


Bring a little magnet fun and some environmental awareness into the classroom with this creative project. These DIY magnets can hold notes, letters, or important reminders all while emphasizing the necessity to recycle. Students can take these home or you can place them around the classroom in places a magnet would stick to in an effort to remind the class to recycle, reduce and reuse every day. Are you ready to get started? Get detailed instructions here.

Do you have any plans for Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below, we can't wait to read your ideas! Be sure to hashtag #ellisonedu on your posts if you share to Facebook and or Instagram! If you aren't already, make sure that you're following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for behind the scenes, tips, tricks, tutorials, and so much more!

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