These easy-to-create paper bag puppets are perfect for creating in the classroom! From plays to holiday fun. Help your students develop oral skills and build self-esteem as they portray characters with enthusiasm and confidence. Create a paper bag puppet for story-telling and interactive fun.

Inspire and encourage students to enjoy story-telling and dramatic play.

Grade Level: 1-2, 3-5
Curriculum: English Language Arts, Fine Arts & Crafts

Supplies Used: 

Paper Bag Puppets #1, Farm Animals (4 Die Set)

Paper Bag Puppet, Boy

Paper Bag Puppet, Girl

Tiny Dies




Construction Paper


Paper Bag


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  1. Die-cut XL Paper Bag Puppet, Boy or XL Paper Bag Puppet, Girl using various colors of cardstock or construction paper for face, hair, chin, mouth (pink) and tongue (red).
  2. Leave face whole. Cut along perforation for hair and attach to face. Chalk or crayons may be used to color hair.
  3. Adhere small pieces of paper behind eye holes. Attach face to bottom flap of paper bag, covering bag corners.
  4. Leave chin whole. Cut along perforation for pink mouth and attach to chin.
  5. Cut along perforation for red tongue and attach to pink mouth.
  6. Align mouth with face under the flap and adhere to bag

Even MORE Fun With Paper Bags

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If you want to create a fun treat bag, it's so easy to take one of our tiny die options and punch through the paper bag itself! We choose to add cellophane and a little piece of colored paper to the back of each cut to give it a pop of color.

What have you created with paper bags in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below and If you create this awesome, plane mobile, we'd love to see it! Make sure to stop by our FacebookPinterest or Instagram page and tag your pictures with #ellisonedu so we can see it and reshare!