Easy & Fun No-Sew Felt Toys for Fall

Easy & Fun No-Sew Felt Toys for Fall

Happy Fall Y’all! (OK – I had to say that at least once!) How incredibly adorable are these color NO SEW felt leaves? I’m in love! In fact I’m so in love that I decided to make a whole bunch of felt play items from using our Ellison SuperStar die machine! You can do this for ANY theme or holiday! I can’t wait to make Christmas ornaments this way!

Easy & Fun No-Sew Felt Toys for FallTo get started making your own NO SEW Felt Fun toys you’ll need your Ellison SuperStar machine, a pile of die cuts, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a large pile of felt in various colors. We used quite a collection of various fall themed dies which we’ll link to below. I think the Sizzix fall Maple leaf was my favorite!

Easy & Fun No-Sew Felt Toys for FallTo make each of these NO SEW Felt play toys simply die cut TWO of each die you want. So for each Maple Leaf I cut out 2 leaves in the color I wanted. Using your hot glue gun, add glue to about 75% of the edge of one leaf and press the second piece of felt onto it firmly. Stuff it with a small amount of cotton batting then hot glue the rest of it closed! If you die cut a lot of leaves and turn them into puffy No Sew Felt toys you can string them together to create a garland or mobile!

Easy & Fun No-Sew Felt Toys for Fall

In addition to the (adorably perfect!) fall leaves I also wanted some felt Thanksgiving themed toys to place inside a classroom sensory bin that we had filled with corn (although you could use orange tissue paper for less mess!). I modified our 3D Teepee die  by simply cutting it out with brown felt and did NOT roll it into a 3D shape – it still looks great! You can trim up the side if it’s a little uneven.

I also decided to stuff a pumpkin , tree, and cloud as well. The corn cob  and scarecrowwere so small I simply die cut two pieces of felt (plus extra pieces to add color) and glued them together without the cotton batting. That way they were a little thicker and sturdier for play.

Easy & Fun No-Sew Felt Toys for Fall

This Sizzix Apple die also turned out beautifully and would look fabulous in red, yellow and green colors! If you have a very thin felt though be careful with the stem and leaf as it can tear. I hot glued those together for extra strength.

The possibilities are truly endless! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the Noah’s Ark set to create a no sew felt line from it! If you make some felt toys using this idea, please share them with Ellison on their Facebook page!

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