Make This Patriotic Flag Book Using Recycled Materials!

Make This Patriotic Flag Book Using Recycled Materials!

How do you recycle in the classroom? There are so many ways to take everyday materials and reuse them to create something fantastic. In this case, we've taken a regular coffee stir stick and used it as binding for a book report! Join us below to see how this little book comes together.

If you're lesson planning in a hurry, check out this video tutorial first!

Grade Level:
Fine Arts & Crafts, Social Studies

Ellison SuperStar Excel Machine

Sizzix Bigz Die - Stars #2


Coffee stir sticks
lined and patterned paper
Foam dots (adhesive)
Hole punch
Patterned paper
Ponytail holder

  1. Use two sheets of 9" x 12" red construction paper for the front and back of the report cover.
  2. Cut a 6" square of white construction paper, and adhere to a slightly larger piece of blue construction paper. This will be the backing for the flag. Attach to the front of the report cover.
  3. Cut 1" strips of patterned and plain paper into rectangles, and cut some with slanted ends.
  4. Arrange the rectangles in rows on the white paper, allowing the white to form lines between the rows.
  5. Allow some of the rectangles to overlap. Raise several of the rectangles by using adhesive foam dots on the back of the rectangles. This creates the illusion of movement on the flag. Attach the rectangles to the white paper.
  6. Die-cut a blue star and adhere to the bottom of the flag.
  7. Place lined and plain paper between the front and back covers.
  8. Align together the front and back covers and inside pages of the report.
  9. Using a ponytail holder as a guide, punch two holes on the left side of the report spaced slightly farther apart than the length of the ponytail holder.
  10. To open a paper clip, unbend the center of the clip, which will make two u-shaped ends on the paper clip. This will be used to thread the ponytail holder through the punched holes.
  11. Slide the ponytail holder onto one end of the opened paper clip, and thread through one hole.
  12. Push one end of a stir stick into the open end of the ponytail holder.
  13. Using the opened paper clip, thread the other end of the ponytail holder through the second hole, just far enough to slide the stir stick through the opening of the ponytail holder.
  14. Your recycled cover is now ready for reporting.

That's it! You'll never look at stir sticks the same way again! Let us know how you incorporate recycling in your classroom in the comments below and if you create this project, we'd love to see it! Make sure to stop by our FacebookPinterest or Instagram page and tag your pictures with #ellisonedu so we can see it and reshare!

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