Get Organized This Week With Triangle Bowls


Happy Organization Week!

If you are cleaning your classroom this week, you know that it can take a toll and can sometimes be pricey!

These fun geometric bowls will not only organize your desk, but can also be used to keep your student's desk neat and tidy. It would be fun to help teach students good organization skills by making this a class project they can work on and then use to organize their desks the way they like it.

Check out this new tutorial with Sandi as she shows you how to make triangle bowls.

How cool is this! We love how we can make different sizes of bowls depending on the size of triangles we use!


We even have a Triangle Bowl Pattern printable to help you make these awesome Triangle Bowls with our Flexigon Die! Combining art and geometry to make an epic classroom craft? That sounds like a winning equation to us!

How do you keep your classroom organized?

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