How to combat a disruptive class!

Disruption can impact the learning atmosphere within a classroom. Whether the disruption is pen tapping, note passing or singing, it can be a challenge in many classrooms! Not all disruptiveness brings your lesson to a stop, but it can slow the pace of learning. Even experienced teachers can experience disruptive behavior…

There can be a number of reasons why the students are distracted. It could be they are excited for recess or simply just not interested in the lesson. But using good classroom management techniques can ensure a lesson plan runs as smoothly as possible.

classroom managementSources: Friendship Circle, Literacy Planet, Good Behavior Game and Teacher Training India.

The most effective way to deal with disruptive behavior is to not make the situation worse and to act quickly. Here are our top tips.

Reward good behavior

Developing a reward system for good behavior is an effective way to manage a classroom. A system can motivate good behavior and also stimulate learning. In turn, the students will become more self-confident. They will feel proud of their achievements and continue to be encouraged to gain more while exercising good behavior.

Ellison Education offers a range of classroom awards such as rosettes, certificates, stars and award badges that are perfect for encouraging good behaviour!

classroom managementSources: Teaching with Terhune, Adventures of a Schoolmarm and Little Minds at Work.

Be prepared

Prepare your lesson materials in advance; this allows you to retain the students’ attention. Rustling papers and browsing your computer’s documents while the children wait only encourages disruption. With preparation comes confidence. Children can sense a loss of control. Don’t let poor planning be the cause of disruption!

Why not try bullet journaling? It’s a creative way to manage time and stay prepared. Find out more here.

classroom mangementSources: A Modern Teacher, Smitty Smit, A Modern Teacher and Doris & Fred.

Have fun

Having fun in the classroom retains the students’ interest and reduces the amount of misbehavior. When fun isn’t incorporated into a lesson, it’s a missed opportunity to make a long-lasting impact. Fun is essential to engage with students.

Bring some fun into your classroom and, of course, don’t forget to smile! Find a range of fun lesson ideas here.

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Established rules

Having a set of established rules can help maintain a sense of order and control. Outline expected behavior and the consequences for misbehaving. Teachers can’t assume students know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Having rules allows for consistency, which is key to minimizing disruption.

Why not create a bulletin board that outlines the classroom rules? This is also a fun activity for the whole class to get involved in!

classroom managementSources: Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest and Sparklebox.

What do you think about dealing with disruptions in class? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison team!

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