STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) has traditionally been a male dominated field, which is why it’s important to put a special focus on young girls trying to get into the field, by introducing them to the different options and encouraging them to succeed. In today’s post we are discussing the best ways to help your students discover and fall in love with the world of STEAM.

Make it fun

Every introduction needs to come with a friendly hello! Introduce your students to the fascinating world of STEAM with engaging lesson plans around the topic to inspire them to discover more. Try to make sure you offer a variety of projects for each of the different subjects within STEAM to identify which of them attracts each student more. Here are some fun STEAM inspired projects to help you get started! LEARN MORE

How to encourage young girls to explore STEAM

Find their inspiration

Help your students get inspired to enter the world of STEAM by introducing them to the amazing women and girls who have made a name for themselves in the industry. Plan classes around different influential figures from the field, assign research projects about those women, or even bring in a guest speaker who works in the field. Check out these fun activities all about women in STEAM. CLICK HERE

How to encourage young girls to explore STEAM

Keep encouraging them

You’ve found what they are interested in, and have inspired them with examples of the women they can become, now what? Well, the work has just begun. Now you must make sure to continue to encourage your students to learn more and explore. Consider adding a “STEAM hour” to your classes once a week, identify extracurricular activities relating to STEAM that your students might enjoy, and encourage them to sign up, but most importantly: continue to be their cheerleader as they step into the fascinating world of STEAM.

The world of STEAM is one for endless opportunities for all and by making sure to be vigilant and to encourage all your students equally to follow their passions you will help them open doors to exciting new opportunities.