During the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us may be facing time at home. Parents could be facing a difficult time keeping their children entertained throughout the day. So, what creative ways are there to occupy children while they are still engaged in learning?

See our top suggestions below!

Watch animals live

Watch animals from the Monterey Bay Aquarium live via web cam. There are ten live cams to choose from, enabling children to explore the animals of the ocean from their home. Follow the turtles as they swim, be delighted by the antics of the sea otters and much more!

How to Keep Children Entertained at HomeFun online learning

Full of videos, quizzes and fun facts, DK has a designated children's website. Learn about anything from dinosaurs and computer coding, to math and the human body. DKfindout! Allows children to search, explore and learn in a safe and secure site.

How to Keep Children Entertained at HomeIt's all about the games…

Toy Theater makes learning super fun! With many online interactive games, children take part in exciting math and reading games. Designed with children in mind, these free games have education in mind while also providing entrainment!

How to Keep Children Entertained at HomeWe also have a wide range of project ideas available, from cute cards to fun games! Check out our project ideas here.

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