Summer vacation is nearly here and it’s time to start saying goodbye to your students ahead of the long break. It may be a goodbye as your students move up the school years, or a see you later as you get ready to welcome them back in the fall. We’re here to recap some tips, tricks, and fun projects to make with and for your students before the school year ends.

Emotions are welcomed

Saying goodbye could be a confusing time for students, along with the excitement the long vacation gives, some sadness or upset is understandable as your students come to terms with not seeing their friends and teachers for a while. Support your students by allowing them to express those emotions and work through them with you. A good project to make is this Emotion Dial, create this make with your students in class to provide them with a tool to express their emotions in a safe and supportive space.

How to say goodbye for the summer

What are they looking forward to?

Making plans for the summer can get your students excited for the break ahead. Create lessons around their plans for the summer: what are they most looking forward to? How are they spending their time? Make summer planning fun and interactive by making this cool Summer Wishes Lantern with your students!

How to say goodbye for the summer

Give them something to focus on

To help your students stay in a school mindset, it’s good to give small projects for the summer. Keep it fun and achievable to encourage them to continue learning even during break time. Exciting reading lists or book reports are a good idea, or a show and tell task for when they are back, encouraging them to write down and collect memories during the summer. This Vacation Memory book is a great project to start off with your students right before you finish for the summer, and encourage them to fill in details during the break.

How to say goodbye for the summer

Leave on a sweet note

End of school year gifts are pretty common, and nothing says “have a good summer” more than some delicious candy! These two projects take the end of year gift to the next level! Make this fun Candy Apple or Lollipop Stars for your students for the sweetest goodbye.

Get ready for their return

We’ve said our goodbyes, now is the time to get ready to say hello again! Summer vacation goes by in a flash and it’s always good to get ahead when it comes to back to school. Discover educational, enriching, and most importantly fun lesson and projects to keep your students engaged all year long, just like these cute pencil holders!

How to say goodbye for the summer

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