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6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills For Ages 2 To 6

6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills, Pre K - K, Ages 2-6 (2)

Have you ever noticed a child trying to crawl?  It's very obvious they are trying and as they practice more and more they eventually do crawl. Children exhibit the same behavior with reading. Often children ages 2-6 will show an interest in wanting to read and that will usually show up as an interest in books. They understand the concept of sounding out words and putting them together is what it means to be able to read, they recognize letters and call them by name, and they understand the "sound" words make - the phonics. Once your kiddos are ready to read, use the following 6 projects to help them strengthen these skills.

Flip Charts

Grade Level: Pre K- K

Helping students create their own flip chart or flip book is half the fun with this project. Not only will they be proud they made it, but they learn along the way. In this video, Sandi Genovese demonstrates just how versatile flip charts can be. Our dies are generic enough to where flip charts can be customized to any subject but we specially love using them for reading. Sandi shows how to use this project to help students learn word families that can be used to practice over and over again.

Flashy Practice Flashcard Holder

Grade Level: Pre K- K

Have you ever wanted to create self checking flashcards your students can use to practice beginning consonants? You really have to see this to believe it! In this video Sandi shows you how to create these reusable flashcards with stickers, die cuts, stamps, and punches. Sandi goes on to show examples of the flashcards being used for a variety of lessons including Math, Social Studies and Reading.


Grade Level: Pre K- K

Learn how to make powerful learning foldables from mini books to woven booklets perfect for reinforcing reading and comprehension. Watch as Sandi assembles a woven booklet that folds inwards and outwards to reveal several layers of space for learning beginning consonants. In her second demonstration, Sandi shows the few simple steps it takes to create a mini book (which is just one die) perfect for creating a travel sized book of color, letters, or even pictures.

Bingo - Upper And Lowercase Practice

Grade Level: Pre K- K

Create a Bingo card and turn it into an easy dry-erase board with sheet protectors. In this quick tutorial Sandi shows how to make a game out of recognizing lowercase and uppercase letters. Play this with your students to teach them to recognize letters whether they are capitalized or lowercase and wipe down the "boards" when done! This project may be easy to create but it will be hours of learning fun!

Spell Out Words With Only A Few Suppliesanimated-image

6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills For Ages 2 To 6

Grade Level: Pre K- K

Spell out apple or any word with this super fun word project. The brads on each circle forces students to slowly read the word letter by letter until eventually they spell the entire word. For this project we used our 4 Inch Circle die, 2 Inch Capital Alphabet die, Apple die small hole punch and brads to tie them all together. Make a few versions of this simple project and have your students practice their letter and word recognition.

Pencil Pal Bookworm

Grade Level: Pre K- K

For students who are up to a level where they start to recognize three letter words, this little caterpillar really comes in handy. This little pencil pal is easy to make for the entire class. Using our Pencil Pal Bookworm die use the special perforations to bend and fold back and forth then add to your student's pencil! Take a few words and add them onto the humps for easy practice. Grab this free lesson plan here.

Now you have 6 new projects to help your students strengthen their reading skills. Is there a favorite reading project you like to do with your students?  Let us know in the comments below. We can't wait to read your ideas! Be sure to hashtag #ellisonedu on your posts if you share to Facebook and or Instagram! If you aren't already, make sure that you're following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for behind the scenes, tips, tricks, tutorials, and so much more!

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