Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

It all started with an obsession...

Here at Ellison, we have a huge obsession with our cutting pads. There is nothing like that new cutting pad smell. At our corporate offices we love opening up a new package of cutting pads- pristine and unused- ready for die cutting.

The Problem

What we don't like is when cutting pads are accidentally thrown out because they blend in with papers.

When working on lesson plans or die cutting projects, we notice that the clear cutting pads sometimes get buried between papers, glue sticks and dies and during cleanup can accidentally be discarded or lost.

The AHA Moment

Realizing the problem some experience, with the clear cutting pads we had a thought. Why not create colored cutting pads that are easier to see when die cutting and in between creative supplies?


We are so excited to bring you our brand new colored cutting pads in two terrific colors: Green Apple and Cherry Red!

Don't Miss Out The Colored Cutting Pads In Action!

What project would you make to break in your new set of colored cutting pads?

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