Make reading fun!

Reading can improve a student’s communication and language skills. By reading students are exposed to a wide range of words, which helps build their vocabulary and understanding. But, even if every word isn’t understood, reading offers an opportunity to hear new sounds and words. Not only does reading enhance vocabulary, but it can contribute to a student’s knowledge.

Reading doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun and an imaginative time for students. Here are our top tips for making reading fun!

Star readers

Motivate your students to read by creating a ‘Star Readers’ bulletin board, this will also double as classroom decoration! This system will reward students for reading in their own time. Firstly, take a photograph of each student and place it on the board. Each student is to keep a log of which books they read and the dates of which they read the books. Each week, the reading logs are to be reviewed and for each book read the student will collect a star next to their picture. This is a fun way to engage your students in reading and the board provides a visual representation of what books the students have read.

The Sizzix Bigz Die – Stars #2 would be perfect for the reward stars!

make reading funSources: Education Land, Kids Activities Blog and Teacher Vision.

Create your own comic

Comic strips are an effective tool to use in the classroom, they engage students and allow stories to be represented in a visual way. After each chapter or at the end of a book, ask your students to put what they have just read into comic strips. This will demonstrate their understanding and allow their imagination to take over!

You can find a printable Comic Book Template here.

make reading funSources: Pinterest, Pickle Bums and Scholastic.

Reading dice

Reading dice are a super fun way to encourage reading! They are to be used when students are reading with a partner or in small groups. This addition to reading time will help students engage with reading whilst having fun at the same time!

The Ellison SureCue Die – Cube 3D – XL would make the perfect dice!

make reading funSources: Twitter, Oriental and Twinkl.

Designated reading space

By providing a designated reading space, students can feel comfortable and motivated to grab a book and read. The reading space will provide a fun environment to make reading more enjoyable. Decorate your reading area with pops of color, patterns and special furniture to bring out the joy in reading!

make reading funSources: Pinterest, Kids Spaces and Places, and CoWorker.

How do you make reading fun? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison Education team!

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