Mother's Day Cards

Hi there! Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom here today. With Mother's Day coming up very shortly, I thought I'd share a couple of ways that cards can be create using the Ellison SuperStar Machine and dies really simply and affordably.

Picture 9

I created two different ideas for cards to use as starting points for my students as they create their own. I also love I can use one of those extra student pictures that I get each year.


Ellison SuperStar Machine
Sizzix Bigz XL Die - Card, Scallop
Sizzix Bigz Die - Shapes, Layered #2
Sizzix Bigz Die - Frame, Wavy
Mixed colors/styles construction or scrapbook paper
9" x 12" construction paper for card base
Glue, scissors, markers


Picture 1

I used 9" x 12" construction paper and folded it in half (hot dog fold) so that two layers could be cut at once. Anything to save a step and not pre-cut my construction paper is always welcome! This gave me the base for both styles of cards, using the Scalloped Card Die.

Picture 2

Picture 3

I cut out the photo frame using the Wavy Frame die. When you cut out the frame, you are left with a great rectangle and paper with a waved cutout in the center. I happily added those to my paper scrap bin for use at another time! I am always conscious of paper waste in these types of projects and so we always try to save and reuse what we can.

Picture 5

The picture frame leaves a 2" x 3" opening. This allows you to print off your own pictures from the classroom or staged photos with props and signs to use in the cards. I chose to just use the self-sticking pictures that I receive each year from our photography company. I get two without their names and I'm always looking for meaningful ways to use them. Mother's Day cards seemed like a great idea!

To create the cover, I folded the card in half and then glued the frame into the center. I then took the self-stick picture and placed it in the center. Of course, additional accents can be added to the cover to make it more interesting, or as a way students can show off their individual style.

Picture 6

I wanted to give my students some options, and, unfortunately, not everyone was with us for picture day. So, I used the scalloped card and other dies to create a different card. I grabbed a couple of different patterns of scrapbook paper from our scrap bin and laid them onto the layered shapes die. Some overlapped a bit and some didn't quite cover each shape. I like using some of the imperfect pieces as decorative accents.

Picture 7

I used the two different size stars to create a 3D star. I glued down the larger one to the corner. On the smaller star, I only glued in the center. After it had settled for a second, I pulled up on the corners of the small star to make it a little less flat, and give it some interest.

Picture 8

I added a heart in the coordinating paper into the bottom corner. On the top right corner is a remnant from the cloud shaped cutout. It was cut out from the fold of a piece of scrap paper so only a little piece was actually over the die. When opened, it created this cute, little, rounded accent. I loved it and decided to add it to the corner. These atypical pieces are great ways to spice up the perfect style and make them a little more unique.

Picture 9

I appreciate that this project allows me to use some of our paper scraps in meaningful ways. I love the way these cards have turned out and I can't wait to create them with my students soon!

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