National Pizza Day: Make Mine Pepperoni!

National Pizza Day: Make Mine Pepperoni!

Happy National Pizza Day! As much as we love making and crafting, we love pizza with almost the same amount of enthusiasm. (Ok, it's not NEARLY as much as we love making, but it's a close second.) With its gooey cheese, and all of the choices of toppings, which even we can't come to a solid agreement on. To kick off this pizza-goodness day, we thought it would be fun to show how pizza can be used in the classroom (and how you can make your own pizza with our fun Pizza Topping dies and a paper plate).

Combing math with pizza?! We're speechless, and way ready to eat! And that's not where the pizza fun stops- we have a pretty awesome lesson plan to incorporate with some pizza pies as well! At the end of the day, if there's one thing you can count on- it's pizza. What toppings do you love on your pizza?

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