When it comes to die-cutting, there are endless possibilities to what you can do. From fun lessons and activities, to beautiful and inspiring classroom decor, there is so much you can create with just one die. We are here to recap some brilliant project ideas, all created with a humble circle die.

The benefit of using basic shapes is that you can use different dies of the same shape to create the same project. Whether you're using Framelits, Bigz, or Surecuts the projects below are simple to create and are guaranteed to bring in the fun factor to your classroom.

Emotion Dial Project

One Die - Many Ways!

Social and Emotional learning has been a big topic of discussion in education in the past few years, putting a focus on helping students find their voice and feel confident in sharing their emotions. Many teachers are opting to create "how am I feeling today?" boards in their classroom to help their students express themselves, like this teacher from Northern California. This interactive project is perfect for adding to your door décor or bulletin board to encourage your students to share their feelings and open up.

Learn how to make it HERE.

Birthday Calendar

One Die - Many Ways!

This fun birthday calendar utilizes circles to the max. By cutting circles for each of your students you'll create this cute addition to your classroom decor. This piece is also a great way to help your students to learn the months of the year in order. For a more interactive experience, construct this board with your students in class, handing each their circle to write their own birthday on before attaching all together.

Learn more HERE.

Sunflower Clock

One Die - Many Ways!

Learning to read an analog clock is an important skill to have, it will give your students a greater understanding of the passage of time, help them develop core math skills, and more! This fun sunflower clock would make a great addition to any classroom décor, it utilises a combination of the analog clock with the equivalent digital time to help students visualize the different time stamps on a clock to make learning to tell time a fun and easy experience.

Start making HERE.

Planet Orbit

One Die - Many Ways!

This fun project can be made ahead of time or with your students in the classroom and is a great way to teach them all about our solar system. Using circle dies as the planets and a few popsicles sticks you can create a model to demonstrate how the plants in our solar system orbit the sun.

Create your solar system HERE.

Circle Ornaments

One Die - Many Ways!

Circles don't have to stay 2-D! Using some simple folding techniques you can transform the humble circle die-cut into intricate creations to use in your lessons or classroom décor. Keep your classroom looking fresh by creating circles in different colors or textures and changing them around along with the change in seasons. These ornaments are great year round, and can be good to create ahead of time, or as fun classroom activity with your students!

Start folding HERE.

Traffic Light Noise Management

One Die - Many Ways!

Controlling the noise level in your classroom is essential for creating a productive and pleasant learning experience for your students, but it does not have to be difficult. Using this fun traffic light system you can inform your students in a visual way the level of noise that is expected in the classroom at any given time, without arguments or having to raise your voice.

Start creating HERE.

"Magnifying Glass" Ladybug and Leaf

One Die - Many Ways!

Created from circle dies, our final project is a fun rainy day activity to do with your students. Ways of using this project in the classroom include: making these with your students, making ahead all the elements and hiding the ladybugs and leaves for the students to find using the magnifying glass, using the ladybug as a counting exercise counting the spots on it's wings, and more!

Learn more HERE.

We hope this gave you inspiration on how to use your favorite circle dies. While we focused on 7 projects here, there are so many other ways to use these dies when thinking creatively.

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