It's the second week of February already! Now's the perfect time to get ready for President's Day. This day occurs on the third Monday in February every year and it stands to honor our past and present presidents. We've gathered our top 5 projects and lesson ideas you can do with your students this presidents day!

Get your students excited for democracy with this "future voter" award:

Our top 5 President's Day Projects

Each US president was chosen by the people, use this opportunity to teach your students about democracy and how they can make a difference in the futute.

Teach your students about previous presidents with this Thomas Jefferson report:

Our top 5 President's Day Projects

Use this project to create a full lesson about the life of former president Thomas Jefferson. Your students will collect information and present to the class their findings.

Decorate your classroom with these red white and blue stars:

Our top 5 President's Day Projects

Create beautiful patriotic stars to add to your bulletin board, door décor, or even hang them up with string for a starry mobile!

Make these fun president fact cards with your students!

Help your students create these cute fact cards that they will later fill in with information they've learnt about their favorite presidents!

Create these Presidential Silhouette Puzzles for your students:

Our top 5 President's Day Projects

Playing games is a great way to learn! Help your students become familiar with the presidents by turning them into a fun puzzle for them to complete.

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