Add These Patriotic Letters To Your Bulletin Board!

Add These Patriotic Letters To Your Bulletin Board!

Celebrate with this awesome USA banner! Perfect for adding decorations to your classroom or celebrating any patriotic holiday such as Labor Day, the Fourth of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or President’s Day. The best thing is that it's SO easy! Check out how you can make these red, white and blue letter additions to your bulletin board.

If you are short on time, don't miss this short video!

Grade Level:
Pre-K-K, 1-2, 3-5
English Language Arts, Fine Arts & Crafts, Social Studies
Construction paper
Hole or star punch
Add These Patriotic Letters To Your Bulletin Board!
  1. Cut two 4 1/2" strips of construction paper, one white and one red. Leave the white one whole.
  2. With scissors, cut long wavy lines out of the red strip. Attach the wavy red lines to the white paper leaving white spaces between the red lines.
  3. Cut a narrow strip of blue construction paper. Punch multiple holes in the blue paper using a hole or star punch.
  4. Cover the entire back of the blue strip with adhesive, and attach to the top of the white strip to resemble a flag.
  5. Carefully place the blue strip at the top of a letter on the die, and die-cut the letters U S A.

Once you're done, you can place it on your bulletin board! And if you love the look of these chunky letters, you can use the same technique to create bulletin boards for other holidays.

Add These Patriotic Letters To Your Bulletin Board!

That's a wrap, educators! We hope you have an amazing holiday and let us know how you'd use this project in the comments below. Also, if you create these, we'd love to see them! Make sure to stop by our FacebookPinterest or Instagram page and tag your pictures with #ellisonedu so we can see it and reshare!

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