Prep For Earth Day With These Tips And Tricks!

Now that we're all filled with marshmallow Peeps and giant Easter Egg chocolates, it's time to prep for Earth Day! It's important to celebrate this day with our students to remind them (and ourselves!) to take care of the planet we live in. In this blog, we collected some snacks, crafts, and other fun activities that you might want to incorporate into your lesson plan for Earth Day. Let's get started!


  • Earth Day Popcorn: Make this vibrantly colored popcorn for your students on Earth Day! An easy snack for your kids to munch on as they do worksheets or read books, incorporate this into your lesson plan for an added fun surprise. (via simpleasthatblog)

  • Earth Day Fruit Plate: Cut up some kiwi and blueberries for a fun art activity! Get your students into groups and watch as they try to assemble an image of the Earth using only fruits. To turn this into a valuable lesson about Earth Day, have your kids create what the Earth might look like in the future. (via mamaguru)

  • Pretzel Trees: Try this with your classroom or prepare this as treats for them! Build a tree that's good enough to eat. Portable enough for children to take home, try this craft if you're feeling more adventurous. (via jacksandkate)


  • Earth Tool Mobile: Show the movement of the Earth with this cool Earth Tool Mobile! In this lesson plan activity, students could learn what kind of "tools" they can utilize to help make the Earth a better place to live. Find this activity here. (via Ellison)

  • Recycle Bottle Cap Craft: Teach your students the importance of recycling with this craft! Collect bottle caps and make adorable flowers that can be used as garden decor. One man's trash is another man's treasure afterall! (via suburbia-unwrapped)

  • Earth Day Balloon Painting: Make this montage of mini-Earth's with this cool balloon painting hack! Perfect for younger students who need sensory skills, this craft will eliminate messy fingers and enhance all the fun. (via iheartartsncrafts)


  • Layers of Earth Playdough Activity: Create the layers of Earth with some homemade playdough! A hands-on and visual activity that will make learning easier, bookmark this craft for your future lessons. (via playdoughtoplato)

  • Milk Carton Bird Feeder: Get outside and experience nature with this recycle-friendly Milk Carton Bird Feeder! Easy and simple to make for all ages, try this activity with your classroom on Earth Day! (via frogsandnailsandpuppydogtail)

  • Soda Bottle Watering Can: Water your gardens with these Earth-friendly Soda Bottle Watering Cans! An amazing alternative to buying watering cans and easy to make, have your students decorate their own! (via messforless)

Do you have your own Earth Day festivities planned for the classroom? We would love to hear it! Tag us in your classroom posts via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest!

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