Kindness within the classroom matters. Taking the time to promote kindness helps develop both empathy and understanding. Being kind creates a safe classroom environment where students can feel valued, which decreases disruptive behavior and increases emotional wellbeing. As teachers we can help improve our student's attitudes towards one another.

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Keep reading to discover how to promote being kind in your classroom!


Have 'smile-a-gram' notes on your desk which students can use to write complimentary notes to each other within the classroom, these small notes will bring such joy to students!

Source: Proud to be Primary.

Acts of kindness

Encourage students to do kind things for each other regularly, this could be made into a challenge. Students are motivated by challenges and in turn these 'tasks' will turn into kind habits. Simply create a worksheet which details daily kind tasks that students must undertake and color them once complete.

Source: Proud to be Primary.


Telling stories which are relatable and easy to understand can help students grasp the concept of being kind. One book in particular has a proven record for aiding students on their path to kindness. How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids is about a young boy who finds an invisible bucket of water floating over his head. His Grandfather explains that when people are selfish and mean to one another, a little bit of water disappears from their buckets. But, when people are thoughtful and generous their buckets will fill back up.

Source: Good Reads.

Don't forget World Kindness Day is on November 13th!

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