Recent global events have undoubtedly caused unprecedented disruption to all our lives, including schools. With tests being cancelled and schools closing it's hard to keep our kids motivated to learn. Parents and guardians are being tasked with a huge challenge and responsibility to take over their child's learning with no definitive end in sight and very little preparation time given. We know this can be a daunting task for parent's, therefore we want to give you some realistic expectations when it comes to home schooling your kids that we hope will make this experience manageable and perhaps even fun!

Realistic Expectations of Home Schooling

Be Realistic

Be realistic. Don't feel the need to recreate the whole school day at home. Instead, attempt to find a routine that suits your family and needs. Having some flexibility allows you to change up the schedule depending on your child's activity and concentration levels, or what else might be happening that day.

Keep positive!

See the positives. Not only can this be an amazing opportunity to bond with your family but can also allow you kids to do some hands-on learning with baking, arts and crafts, science experiments, gym and more! Let's make learning fun again!


You're not expected to know it all! Although it's great for you to be able to work with your child through their syllabus, online lessons and learning resources means there's help out there for you to utilise, so don't feel pressured to be a scholar in every class!

Screen time

Screen time. Although we all feel the pressure to keep our kids off their screens as much as possible, don't feel guilty for using technology as a tool for learning. There's an abundance of amazing videos, tutorials, educational games and more which may make your life much easier over the next few weeks and months.

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