Simple But Hilarious April Fools Pranks For School

It's almost time for April Fools! Whether you hate to love this day of jest, some pranks are just too good to pass up on. We love a good-hearted joke, so we gathered some school-approved, harmless pranks that are sure to get you some giggles. From jello worms to broccoli lollipops, these pranks are perfect for younger children who are going to get their first taste of being tricked. Let the fun begin!

1. Healthy Krispy Kreme Prank: Nothing will get your students happier than bringing in a box of donuts to class. Little do they know that this glorious box doesn't hold fried dough covered in delicious glaze...but actually healthy vegetables and dip! Watch the shocked looks on your student's faces once they open the box. (via Thrifty Mom)

2. Fake Broccoli Lollipops: Award your students with some lollipops on April 1st and see what happens when they realize that you've given them broccoli on a stick! All you need is some tissue paper, lollipop sticks, and good ol' broccoli. (via thedecoratedcookie)

3. Tootsie Roll Carrots: Much like the broccoli lollipops, trick your kids into eating some healthy snacks by disguising them as some of their favorite candies! You can even try this trick on some of your co-workers as well - we're sure their reaction would be similar! (via thedecoratedcookie)

4. Brown-E Prank: Picture this. You walk into class holding a covered tray of what is presumably treats. Your classroom roars with excitement. You say, "I brought you guys brownies!" Your students cheer. You take off the cover, only to reveal the letter E cut out in brown construction paper. Your classroom groans and you laugh. Victory is once again yours. (via jacksandkate)

5. Doughnut Seeds: Fill some mini bags full of cheerios and label them Doughtnut Seeds for a cute little prank! If one of your students asks, "How do we plant these?" Just say, "Water them with milk!" (via printables4mom)

6. Jello Worms Prank: A treat that tastes delicious but looks awful, this bowl of worms prank is sure to get some people squealing. Good for sensory lesson plans or even just a fun activity to add to the day, make these jello worms for an unforgettable April Fool's Day! (via onelittleproject)

Didn't we tell you these would be gold? Try these pranks out in your classroom this upcoming April Fool's Day and get a good laugh! Got any fun stories about April Fool's that you wanna share with us? Let us know via our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

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