Spooktacular Monsters & Math Facts Center

Hands-on practice with math facts is so important for my first graders! My goal is for them to feel confident with their math fact fluency, build independence while applying their skills, and have FUN!  These “spook-tacular” math activities definitely meet all of the criteria!

Spooktacular Monsters & Math Facts Center

They were fun and quick to create! Here are the items I used:

Ellison SuperStar Machine
Dies: Monsters!
Cardstock (I used green, purple, and white; cut in quarter-sheet squares)
Marker (permanent)
Laminate (optional)
Math manipulatives (mini-erasers, buttons, or mini-pom-poms)
Plastic bags (optional)


Step One: I laminated (optional) the green, purple, and white cardstock and cut into quarter-page size squares.

Step Two: I used my Ellison Superstar Machine and the dies to create three monsters (green Frankenstein, purple monster, and white ghost). By pre-cutting the paper into quarter-size squares and layering them when I die-cut the shape, I was able to cut out several shapes at the same time.

Step Three: Use permanent marker to write math facts (this would also be great for letters, sounds, and words!)

Step Four: Add math manipulatives! I found adorable mini-erasers at a discount store, but anything small would work (cubes, pom-poms, even candy corn!)

I filled plastic bags so every student had their own – they didn’t want to stop learning with these spooky centers when math time was over!

Spooktacular Monsters & Math Facts Center

Thanks for reading!

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