St. Patrick's Day 5 Projects To Do With Kids

St. Patrick's Day With Kids

St. Patrick's Day is upon us once again and we have got some amazing green-tastic projects to engage your students with today! These kid-friendly activities are full of learning and the color green (of course!)

Project 1: St. Patrick's Day - Avoid Pinching!

Avoid pinching on St. Patrick's Day with this very easy video tutorial on making shamrock stick-on felt shapes. This practical project is a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as giving your students a gift they can take home. This project can easily be turned into a game as well by having students "collect" shamrocks for answering questions correctly or winning at an activity. At the end of the day the students with the most shamrocks can be given a prize or a special Irish award like the one that Sandi demonstrates in this video tutorial.

Project 2: Pencil Cap Prizes

St. Patrick's Day 5 Projects To Do With Kids

These pencil caps are one of our favorite projects to do with a busy classroom for many reasons. Not only are the pencil caps easy to assemble, they are also a great way to keep pencils organized by adding your student’s names.  Allowing your students to create their own pre-cut shapes like shamrocks, gold coins or rainbows makes for an easy hands-on project. How great would it be if they had one for every holiday? Click here to get more information on this project.

Project 3: Shamrock Bookmark

St. Patrick's Day 5 Projects To Do With Kids

What better way to encourage reading than by creating engaging bookmarks? Allow your students to create these shamrock-ed bookmarks while motivating their love for reading. This is another great project that can be done every holiday as a special reading initiative or every time students choose a new book to read. The applications are endless for this fun project, check it out here for more info.

Project 4: Lucky Numbers Math Practice

St. Patrick's Day 5 Projects To Do With Kids

Encourage independent work in your class with these math flashcard manipulatives. Laura Kelly's Hot Chocolate Flashcard die makes it easy to create sets for students to use when working with partners, in groups or individually in classroom centers. We love that you can use this project all year round to reinforce Math or English principles.

Project 5: 3-D Jigsaw Puzzles

St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete without rainbows and a pot of gold. Watch as Sandi creates a 3-D Jigsaw Rainbow using this die. These 3-D puzzles make great manipulatives for younger students and can even be used as classroom decor. Add a little pot of gold at the end of this rainbow to complete the look.

But Wait, There's More!

Check out our St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board for more inspiration.

What kind of projects are you excited to try this St. Patrick's day?

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