Back To School Lesson Plan: Summer Journal Camera Book

Craft this clever camera-themed journal for World Photo Day! Students can write stories or work on any fun writing activity you assign inside this clever book. Coming back to school, your students can use this journal to write out their summer activities and share their adventures with their classmates. Take a look at how we create this fun book below!

If you are pressed for time and want to quickly see how our Camera book comes together, check out this video tutorial!


Grade Level:
1-2, 3-5, 6-8
English Language Arts, Fine Arts & Crafts


Ellison SuperStar Excel Machine

Ellison SureCut Die - Book, Camera - XL

Cardstock or Construction Paper

Alphabet Stickers


Picture Of Student

Colored Pens and Pencils



Back To School Lesson Plan: Summer Journal Camera Book

  1. Die-cut one camera front cover and one back cover of the camera journal, using cardstock or construction paper.
  2. Place a square piece of yellow paper over the flash hole in the upper right corner of the camera, and die-cut. Trim with scissors to resemble a flash over the flash hole on the cover (Figure A).
  3. Place a piece of gray paper over the lens opening, and die-cut. Trim around the perforations, and adhere to the lens opening on the cover (Figure A).
  4. Cut a red strip of paper to match the edge where the journal is bound. Use a 1/8" hole punch to punch holes that align with the holes on the camera edge, and adhere the strip to the journal (Figure A). You can also use red paper and die-cut the edge of the camera. Trim along the perforation, and adhere to the camera cover.
  5. Die-cut the camera page using several sheets of copy paper as desired (lined, unlined or both).
  6. Align together the decorated cover, the pages and the back cover. Place brads in the holes, and open the prongs of the brads on the back cover.
  7. Use alphabet stickers, print or handwrite the journal title.
  8. Position and adhere a photo of the student on the page behind the cover (Figure B) so the photo will show through the camera lens opening (Main Photo).
  9. Students can draw details with crayons, markers or pens, attach other photos, and write stories generated by their summer activities.
  10. A camera-themed journal would also be fun throughout the school year for any theme where photos might be included. For example, students could create a scrapbook with selfie photos taken and printed at school after a Halloween or birthday party.
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That's it! Let us know how you'd use this Summer Journal it in the comments below and if you create this project, we'd love to see it! Make sure to stop by our FacebookPinterest or Instagram page and tag your pictures with #ellisonedu so we can see it and reshare!