Teacher Feature: Craig Rapinchuk

Name: Craig Rapinchuk
School: Peoria Christian School
Grade Taught: Principal K-8th, Teacher Multiple Grade levels/subjects
Blog Link: www.survivingateacherssalary.com

1) Tell us a little about how you began your teaching career.
I began my teaching career as a substitute teacher for 2 years. After becoming tired of being a substitute teacher I flew half way across the country on a quick whim to a teaching job fair, was hired within 15 minutes, and that started my teaching journey.

2) What has been the key to your success in the classroom?
Patience with a capital P! And definitely earning the respect of the parents quickly. Strong parent relationships early in the school year can be the key for a student to reach their highest potential.

3) What challenges do you face in 2014 and how have you overcome them?
As a principal I now not only deal with just one classroom of parents and students but I have to deal with an entire school in addition to teaching several classes at different grade levels. It has certainly provided me with some new experiences and challenges in the way of multi-tasking!

4) Are there any education trends that you are looking out for in 2014? If so, what are they?
Going 1:1 is definitely a big movement right now and one that our school is also striving for. Having either a computer or tablet for each student in our school to access at any time will provide us with so many additional and interactive learning opportunities.
5) What is one teaching resource you can’t live without?
A computer, with internet of course! Definitely a computer. Whether it's accessing e-books, video presentations, educational programs or simply sending kids to do some online research it is a vital tool that I would be lost without.

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