Teacher Feature: Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies

Who: Jennifer White
School: Appalachian Elementary School
Grade Taught: I teach First Grade (but I have also taught Kindergarten and Third Grade)
My Blog:  http://firstgradeblueskies.blogspot.com


1) Tell us a little about how you began your teaching career.

I started teaching 17 years ago and cannot imagine doing anything else. It is the most rewarding experience you can imagine. It's never boring!

2) What has been the key to your success in the classroom?

Strong classroom management is a must and patience doesn't hurt either. Creativity is pretty important in my classroom, as well.

3) What challenges did you face in 2013 and how have you overcome them?

Data driven instruction is definitely a challenge, to constantly keep up with the demands placed upon teachers to assess students, while still finding time to teach. I try to deal with it by balancing everyone's needs and remembering that teaching is still my first priority. It also helps to do your testing in small chunks, don't try to do it all at once.

4) Are there any education trends that you are looking out for in 2014? If so, what are they?

Interactive Notebooks are definitely a trend for this year.

5) What is one teaching resource you can’t live without?

My immediate answer is sweet tea, but seeing as how that isn't technically a "teaching resource", I'd have to say quality markers are the thing I cannot live without. I love markers that smell and ones that are brightly colored, and neon card stock is a favorite, too.

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