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Dai here with the Ellison blog team and I'm so excited to share a little outfit inspiration with you today! It's difficult to walk the line between dressing professional and wearing clothes you don't mind possibly getting dirty. I've put together a list of 5 different outfits that are perfect for both looking like a teacher and a professional.

Young Teacher Outfit

teacher outfit 1 - young teacher

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A great teacher outfit always starts with comfort and there is something inherently comfortable about this denim shirt paired with these olive green pants. Add on a big bucket purse (for all your teacher goodies), caramel colored booties and the pièce de résistance: a chunky crocheted infinity scarf.

Everyday Outfit

teacher outfit 2

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Continuing on with that denim trend is this fun and breezy everyday outfit. Pair your favorite white jeans (as long as you don't mind that they might get dirty) with cheetah print flats, a denim tunic shirt and a statement necklace in a bright color such as neon yellow or neon pink. Add on a pair of pearl earrings to complete the look and you're good to to go!

Easy Outfit

teacher outfit 3

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Whether you are looking for something easy to wear or just want a cute and comfortable outfit worthy and strong enough for working with young children, this outfit combination will soon be your go to. Pair some black skinny jeans with an oversized floppy sweater and some calf high boots. Tie it all together with simply everyday jewelry and you're ready to shape young minds!

Fancy Day Outfit

teacher outfit 4

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This fancy outfit is perfect for days when you have to pull double duty like back to school night, parent-teacher conferences or field trips. For days when you need to look ultra professional but also like a teacher. The best part about this outfit is that it goes from work day to fun night with the girls seamlessly as well. To achieve the look pair a midnight blue sleeveless wrap shirt with slim fitting black or dark grey slacks and black flats. Add your favorite coordinating cuff to tie the entire outfit together.

Timeless Outfit

teacher outfit 5

source: http://polyv.re/29OLA4F

Lat but not least, you really can't go wrong with stripes. If you need a timeless outfit that is the perfect amount of professional and comfortable, look no further. Pair up your favorite striped long sleeved shirt with black loose fitting jeans and some flats. Carry all your teacher essentials in your favorite satchel and add on a nice statement necklace to tie it all together.

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What's your go to all time favorite teacher outfit?