Thanksgiving is fast approaching, this holiday provides an opportunity to have fun in the classroom and make memories! This list details four great games you can play with your students.

Turkey spelling game

Write the word 'turkey' on the board and have your students write as many words as they can using only the letters on the board. You could even split your class into two teams to compete against one another for extra fun, all while practising their spelling!

Thanksgiving Games for the Classroom!

Turkey tag

Each student should have their very own turkey peg (find out how to make turkey pegs here). To start, each player should attach the turkey peg to the back of their shirt. The aim of the game is for each player to try to steal each other's pegs, when a player's clothespin is taken, they're out and the winner is the last remaining.

Thanksgiving Games for the Classroom!

Thanksgiving Switch

The teacher is to give each student a name related to Thanksgiving, such as 'apple, potatoes, corn'. Students are to form a circle with their chairs, but there is to be one student more than there are chairs (this will leave one student standing who is the first caller). The caller shouts either one or multiple names, at this point the students must move and swap seats, the student left without a seat is the new caller. However, if the caller shouts 'Thanksgiving' everyone must move!

Thanksgiving Games for the Classroom!

For Thanksgiving dinner, I had…

The is a great memory game which teachers can also get involved with! The first student starts with "for Thanksgiving dinner I had (they name an item)" each subsequent player then adds a new food and repeats the whole list, remembering what was said prior.

Thanksgiving Games for the Classroom!

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