The Importance of Student Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of learning effectively and enhancing student’s learning experiences. Student feedback has become a widely used method to evaluate and improve teaching effectiveness. Feedback from your students allows you to know what you are doing that facilitates learning but, also what adjustments that need to be made. Even minor changes in the classroom can make a huge difference!

Students have a unique perspective of how their teachers educate. Obtaining student feedback allows the students to actively become more engaged and involved in the classroom. Student feedback can be collected cheaply and quickly, which gives teachers the opportunity to make any adjustments to their teaching as quickly as possible.

Keep reading for our suggested ways to gather student feedback!

Classroom Suggestions

The suggestion jar or box allows students to anonymously suggest any feedback or suggestion they may have. This is a perfect way to motivate students to express their thoughts and in turn allowing teachers to improve their classroom experience.

The Sizzix® Bigz™ Alphabet (1 ½”) set would be perfect for personalizing your jar!

classroom suggestion jarSources: Instagram, Instagram, Challenges Create Abilities and Be the Teacher you Loved.

A Simple Survey

One of the simplest methods to gather student feedback is through a survey. Whether you make it an online form (using Google Forms or Survey Monkey) or a survey carried out by pen and paper, there is a lot to be learnt from your students! Surveys also allow you to customise your questions to address any specific areas with either open or closed questions.

Use Wordle as a tool to analyse your answers. From the text you provide, Wordle highlights any words with a prominence. Any repeated words will be emphasised, providing you with a summary of repeated words of which you can identify any emerging themes.

student feedback surveysSources: Prodigy and The 20.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way to gather student’s opinions. Teachers can do this by gathering their class in a circle and using questions to hear how students truly feel about their teaching. Aim to make the focus group an informal gathering, so your students feel more comfortable and answer the questions honestly!

classroom focus groupSources: Glassdoor, Baby Genius Day Care Center, We are Teachers and Cision.

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