The Legacy Amelia Earhart Behind

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Amelia Mary Earhart was an American aviation pioneer and author. She is most famously known as the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic. She made great strides for women during her time and left an amazing legacy in her wake. In honor of her birthday, we ask you to journey with us to the early 1900's in this fun mini biography about the accounts of her life.

Where It All Began:

Amelia Earhart was born in Kansas on July 24th 1897 and spent her childhood traveling a lot at the side of her parents. At age 21 she decided to quit school and pursue a course in First Aide from the Red Cross. Once she passed the course, Amelia enlisted as a nurse's aide in Toronto, Canada tending to wounded soldiers during World War I.

The Legacy Amelia Earhart Behind

Following her time as a nurse's aide, Amelia applied to and was accepted at the university of Colombia in New York. Her university career would fall short, however, as her parents insisted she move to California where they were living.

Amelia Follows Her Dreams

In California Amelia took flying lessons as a hobby. She would work odd jobs here and there to pay for her lessons and finally, with the help of her mother and sister, she was able to buy a plane. After her parent divorce, Amelia decided to become a social worker and moved back east to work at the Denison House where she is selected to be the first female passenger on a transatlantic flight by none other than her future husband at the age of 31.

Marriage & History In The Making

George Putnam saw Amelia's flight as a best selling story for his publishing house and together, along with the pilots,  they flew from Newfoundland to Wales. It was a moment History will not soon forget as it was a moment of firsts. Amelia's bravery and daring was celebrated by her future husband and as soon as she returned from her flight, Amelia wrote her first book: 20 hours-40 minutes. 

The Legacy Amelia Earhart Behind


After marrying George at age 35, Amelia decided to continue her passion of flying under her maiden name and her marriage blossomed. George was Amelia's number one fan. He would book her flights and public appearances and even arranged for her to endorse a line of flight luggage and sports clothes. She went on to publish two more books before developing her own line of flying clothes for Ninety-Nines "for the women who lives actively." Vogue advertised her line and it was soon marketed to 30 of the biggest cities, like New York, and were exclusives in store like Macy's and Marshall Fields.

Final Flight

Amelia broke many records over the years and gave no signs of stopping. She opened up an entire new field for women in aviation by being courageous enough to follow her dreams.

At age 40, Amelia took her final flight. She bravely embarked on the first around the world flight at the equator and after completing almost two-thirds of her flight, a distance of about 22,000 miles, Amelia vanished with her navigator Federick Noonan. A massive Naval, Land and Air search was attempted but to no avail. Amelia's disappearance is still a great mystery today, as she and her plane were never found.

As a beautiful tribute, after her disappearance, her husband authored and published one last book called Soaring Wings. 

She may be lost to the world, but not forgotten. Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

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