Stress in school can be caused by a number of different factors, and this could be affecting your students’ learning abilities which can then lead to more stress. We have collected the top 3 tips on how to help your students navigate stress.

Top 3 Tips to Help Students Deal with Stress

Allow for short breaks and quiet times:

Giving your students the time and space to take a step back from what they are doing and simply relax will help them to come out of the stressful situation. Consider adding in a short 10-minute break during the lesson. Examples of mini breaks can include 10 minutes of quiet reading, listening to music, or simply doing some quick breathing exercises will help your students reset and bring their focus out of the stress and into the new activity they are doing.

Integrate art into the classroom:

Studies have shown that art helps to decrease stress and anxiety and improve students’ self-confidence. By adding elements of art and craft into your lessons you can help students find a way to express themselves and how they are feeling. Consider adding elements of art into your classroom, even if it isn’t an art class. Examples can include adding illustrations to a story they are writing in English class, drawing an event they are learning about in History class, or simply add quiet drawing to their 10-minute break time.

Top 3 Tips to Help Students Deal with Stress

Encourage openness in the classroom:

Often times, stress can manifest itself internally and you may not realise that a student is suffering if they do not speak up. By encouraging an open dialog in your classroom, your students will feel empowered to approach you with their issues. By allowing your students to come to you with their worries you can look to help them resolve them, either by making adjustments to their learning or by reaching out for further help on the matter. Want to learn more about creating an open conversation with your students? Click HERE to read our latest post on the topic.

Top 3 Tips to Help Students Deal with Stress

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