An important part of preparation for the upcoming academic year is classroom displays. The start of a new semester is a given opportunity to revamp your classroom. It's a chance to display your creativity and brighten up the atmosphere of the learning environment. Having a visually appealing classroom can help students feel welcome and valued. A good display not only engages it also informs.

Keep reading to discover our top tips for creating classroom displays!

1. Display your student's work

Displaying student's work provides them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. We must remember it is their classroom as much as the teacher's. Most importantly students learn from each other, this provides a learning opportunity.

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2. Ensure your display is informative

Classroom displays are essential tools for supporting students learning. Your display should be informative yet, easy to understand with relevant topics. Also, having enough information without affecting the design is something to consider.

Top Tips for Creating Classroom DisplaysSources: Pinterest, Pinterest, Teaching Ideas and Pinterest.

3. Choose the right location

The location of the display is an important factor to consider, walls are not the only place for displays! There are additional options including doors, windows, storage cupboards and many more. A factor to consider is visibility, the display needs to be seen in order to reach its full potential.

Top Tips for Creating Classroom DisplaysSources: Feed XP, Emerson Library and We Are Teachers.

4. Mix up the layout

The layout of the display is arguably just important as the information displayed. Many students are visual learners so, they respond better to images and color rather than reels of text. A display full of text can be difficult to read, keywords and images can be used to highlight the important information.

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