We Are Obsessing Over These Classroom Set Ups

We Are Obsessing Over These Classroom Set Ups

We're just going to say it. If HGTV had a classroom makeover show, we'd watch it for DAYS. We're a tad obsessed with those Instagram perfect classrooms. We know that the moment classes start it's going to be difficult to keep them perfect so we're enjoying them now while we can!

Are you as obsessed as we are? Take a look at some of our faves below:

1. Classic Cute


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We'll never say no to stripes. This black and white color scheme is the Chanel of classroom color palettes and -bonus- any new color you introduce throughout the year will match effortlessly!


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For years we've suspected that teachers are basically geniuses but now we have photographic evidence.

3. Please Decorate Our Place Next, Thanks

This isn't a regular classroom, it's a cool classroom. We just love this look! We would happily stay learning here all day!

4. The Blue, The Light, The Sheer PERFECTION

So. Much. Flexible. Seating! (Insert ALL the heart eyes emoji here.)

5. That Stage Is Lit Tho

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This entire classroom is #toolegit. Can you imagine your students giving book reports on that stage?

6. You Had Us At Tassels

Colorful tassels will always make our list! We love this teacher's colorful and centrally focused class!

7. This Classroom Is Always Fresh & We're There For It

Keeping it fresh, we get it. But also, can we talk about how cute (and genius) those floaties are?

8. Rainbow Is 100% The New Black

It's like the Carebears decorated this classroom and it's PERFECT! Sweet, light, and full of creative energy.

9. You Know What We Like Better Than Pictures? Video.

How cute is this class? There's a lot to love here, but we really like the layout of the desks the best!

10. Can We Attend Classes Here Too?

Okay you caught us, we also have a particular weakness for painted walls in classrooms, but can you blame us? We really love the layout and how organized this entire classroom is.

If you could trade classrooms with one of these teachers, who would you choose? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our FacebookPinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison team!

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