You Can Make This Dad-tastic Mobile In A Few Easy Steps!

Have you ever tried celebrating dad with a mobile? We've got a fantastic make for you today perfect for whether you're at home or in the classroom! Grab your students and get ready to teach the amazing lesson of balance (as well as making an awesome take-home project dad will want to keep forever! )

Grade Level:

Pre-K-K, 1-2, 3-5


Students will use problem-solving skills to balance various creatures on the mobile arms. Adding additional pieces of paper to a shape or making the thread longer or shorter combines both engineering and problem-solving.


Sizzix Bigz Die - Spiral

Ellison/Sizzix Bigz Die - Word, Dad

Ellison SureCut Die Set - Tools (5 Die Set)


Small Handheld Hole Puncher

Cardstock or construction paper

Chipboard or tagboard


Markers or Pens





  1. Die cut two sets of each of the TOOLS out of colored card stock and let your students go crazy embellishing with crayons, markers, etc.
  2. Die cut 1 SPIRAL per student from your Tagboard or Chipboard and set aside (tip: this is the perfect job for a teacher aide or parent volunteer to help out with!)
  3.  Help your students cut string or yarn of varying lengths (or have it pre-cut for them.) You'll need 6 pieces per student.
  4. Guide your students as they find the center of each TOOL shape and sandwich the string between each of them. Adhere the sandwich together with glue.
  5. Help your students decide where they want to hang each TOOL and make a hole at the correct spot on the SPIRAL with the hole punch.
  6. Help your students string the TOOL through the hole
  7. Secure the string in place by tying a few knots or adding a sticker to cover the string and hole (see picture below.)
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 with each TOOL die cut.

Assembling the DAD part:

This one is a little tricky, as you want to keep all the pieces of the DAD die cut.

  1. Die cut DAD twice (we used two different colors) per student and keep all the fallouts together.
  2.  Following STEP 1 as a guideline, tape the opposite colored fall out to one DAD die cut and repeat this step to the mirror image of the same die cut. The sides with the visible tape are the wrong side and the sides with no tape are the right side.
  3.  Place a piece of string between the wrong sides, finding the center of gravity, an adhere together.
  4. You are now left with STEP 3 - a completed DAD and the final addition to the mobile.
  5. Finish off the mobile by adding a piece of ribbon to the top and tying a knot at the end.

You are all set, teachers! There's a lot of fun (and an awesome lesson) in these mobiles and they can be used for so many different units. Check out some of our other mobile ideas below:

Let us know if you are excited to try this lesson with your class in the comments below, and make sure you share your creations over on our Facebook Page so we can see it and reshare!

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