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Flower Making

Create beautiful handmade flowers with the Sizzix® Flower making range, with realistic flower craft dies, a range of bright and pastel colored materials and tools to assist with sculpting you’ll find everything you need for DIY papercraft flowers for all crafting abilities.

  1. Sizzix Surfacez - Neutral Colored Felt Sheets 10PK
    Item: #663779
  2. Sizzix Surfacez - 10 Neutral Colored Cardstock 60PK
    Item: #663780
  3. Sizzix Surfacez - Pastel Colored Felt Sheets 10PK
    Item: #663022
  4. Sizzix Surfacez - Bold Colored Felt Sheets 10PK
    Item: #663008
  5. Sizzix Making Tool - Paper Sculpting Kit
    Item: #662225
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