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Craft Felt

Sizzix craft Felt Sheets are a key part of the Sizzix Surfacez & Making Essentials range & perfect for using with Sizzix Bigz Die Cutting Sets! Featuring a rainbow of colours, including Pastel, Neutral, Bold & Festive Felt. Perfect for soft crafts.

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    SureCut TY
  1. Ellison SureCut Die - Cars, Tiny - Tiny
    Item: #18712-TY
    $86.99 $43.50
  2. Sizzix Surfacez - Neutral Colored Felt Sheets 10PK
    Item: #663779
  3. Sizzix Surfacez - Bold Colored Felt Sheets 10PK
    Item: #663008
  4. Sizzix Surfacez - Pastel Colored Felt Sheets 10PK
    Item: #663022
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