eclips Tips and Tricks

Machine Operation
Handheld Remote Control Operation
Cutting Mat
Software Updater

Machine Operation

  1. Align the Cutting Mat against the left wall of the loading dock of the eclips Machine and push between the rollers before pressing the Load button.
  2. Replace your blade when the blade tears while cutting a straight line. If your Cutting Mat is still sticky and you are cutting at a slow speed, the blade is likely dull or chipped.
  3. Keep your left thumb off the Blade Positioner Control (left arrow keys) on the Remote Control, as these buttons will move the Blade position on the Cutting Mat. The Screen Navigator Control (right arrow keys) will do most of the navigation through the eclips system.
  4. Consult the Cartridge Reference Booklets for the “created at” size of each shape. If you wish to cut the shape at a smaller size, perform a test cut first.
  5. If you move the blade to a point on your material and the space from that point to the right edge of the material is smaller than the shape you want to cut, the blade will automatically move to the left edge to cut. Check both the paper size and the image size.
  6. To embellish image using more than one color, arrange smaller, different colored materials on the cutting mat. Using the Pieces option (if available for the chosen shape), cut each Piece on desired color. To prevent your shape from cutting “outside the lines,” use Laser Cut Preview to enter the size of each piece of paper.
  7. When using Laser Cut Preview, the shape will cut where the laser light traces, not where the blade holder is.
  8. If the blade stops or starts cutting off the cutting board, reset the machine by turning it off and then on again.
  9. If the roller keeps turning when the machine is turned on or when the cutting mat is loaded, it usually indicates a dusty sensor lens. Power the machine off, turn it around to the back and tilt it so that you are able to see through the opening. The sensor is the small black box on the right side in the opening. With a cotton swab or soft brush, wipe the lens clean of any dust or debris. Cleaning solutions are not recommended.

Handheld Remote Control Operation

  1. To cut a simple shape, press PIP before selecting a folder to access the Picture-In-Picture shapes.
  2. To select PIP shapes to be inside each other, press PIP twice. You can create photo mats this way by, for example, cutting an oval from inside a star.
  3. Hold down the Delete key for 3 seconds to delete all shapes at once from the queue.
  4. With certain designs, the Remote Control will ask to “Rotate Shape for Landscape.” Selecting this option will optimize your cutting space.
  5. The center point of a shape may be outside the actual shape. If an imaginary rectangle is drawn around the shape at its outermost points, the center point is the center of the rectangle.
  6. When using Center Point, cutting the largest shape first will help with placement on the material and of smaller shapes.
  7. Center Point can be used to cut a shape into a photo. For example, use the photo subject's nose as the center point and cut the shape around it.
  8. When using the Pen Holder function, change the settings before you insert the Pen Holder and pen into the machine. This way, you will not forget to change the settings and will not risk ruining your pen while the machine is on Blade Holder settings.
  9. When using Pieces of a design, the Actual key must be used to cut an image to the desired size. Otherwise, the piece will be cut in proportion to the entire image.
  10. Repeat after Restart is a feature where the last cut shape(s) from the Queue can be re-cut after the Machine has been restarted. Turn on the Machine and navigate to a design folder. Press the Repeat key. The previously cut images from that cartridge will be added to the Queue. If shapes from multiple cartridges were previously added to the Queue, only shapes from the current cartridge will be in the Queue after restarting and pressing Repeat. If another cartridge is inserted, after pressing Repeat, the previous Queue shapes will return to the Queue once again.


  1. When cutting fabric, try using an iron-on adhesive (like Heat n’ Bond Ultra). Iron this product onto fabric and place the fabric side up onto Cutting Mat. For best results, use a new Cutting Mat and Cutting Blade.
  2. When using adhesive-backed cardstock with a peel-away backing that does not adhere well to the Cutting Mat, place the material on the Mat with the cardstock side down. Press Mirror before cutting.

Cutting Mat

  1. To easily remove items from the Cutting Mat, bend the Mat so a corner of the recently cut image lifts up.
  2. Replace your Cutting Mat when it loses its stickiness. The adhesive keeps the material in place for easier, more accurate cutting.
  3. To preserve the stickiness of your mat, use the smallest piece of paper that the shape will fit within.
  4. If debris begins to build up on the Cutting Mat, wash it with warm, soapy water. Ensure that the Cutting Mat is completely dry before storing.
  5. Another way to refresh the Cutting Mat is to wipe it after use with a lint-free rag or a baby wipe.
  6. Occasionally, turn over the Cutting Mat (with the clear plastic cover in place) and apply pressure with a rolling pin or craft roller. The pressure will spread the adhesive, providing a longer life.
  7. Sizzix Spray Adhesive can be added to a Cutting Mat that has lost its stickiness. Mask off the edges of the Mat, which do not need adhesive, and apply a light mist. If desired, leave overnight before applying paper and cutting to extend the life of the Adhesive. Always follow the instructions provided with the Spray Adhesive and only apply to a clean, dry Cutting Mat.


  1. Press the Shift key once to capitalize the next letter. Press the Shift key twice to capitalize all letters. To resume lowercase letters, press Shift key once.
  2. When using Tags and Charms with a font, the Tag or Charm will cut at the specified size on the screen, while the characters will be to scale with each other.
  3. Press the Actual function to enlarge the character inside the Tag or Charm; the characters will no longer be scaled to each other.
  4. To change options more quickly when using an alphabet, add all the characters in the Selection Display, then toggle to make changes in the Options Menu. The changes will apply to all the characters in the Selection Display.

Software Updater

  1. The software update can be downloaded from a computer with either Windows or Mac operating system. The Handheld Remote Control can be updated from either system. Users may use either system for subsequent updates.