What is a shim?

A shim is another term for what is usually a sheet of cardstock, with varying die complexities shims can add extra pressure or act as a wedge to enable a cleaner die cut.

What is Trade In - Trade Up?

Trade in any die-cutting machine and recieve a discount on a newer model. Find out more here.

Where can I find the Ellison Education catalog?

You can find the Ellison Education catalog here.

Do you offer workshops? How much do they cost?

Yes, Ellison has trained consultants that conduct workshops. The cost varies depending on the length and location of the workshop. If you are interested in a workshop for your school or business, please contact us online. Please note, our consultants can only conduct a workshop if you own or have access to an Ellison Machine.

Can I substitute any dies in a set?

You cannot substitute any dies in a die set. The die set is already pre-packaged and is available at a discounted price.

I purchased an item at full price and now would like to exchange it for the same product to get the online special price. Is this possible?

No. We cannot honor the return of an item you purchased at full price in exchange for the same item that is currently being offered as an online shopping special at a lesser price.

Is a cracking sound normal when I die cut?

Yes, this is completely normal and is simply the sound of the die cutting your material.

My cutting plates are marking and bending when I use them, is this normal?

Cutting plates are consumable items which means eventually they will need replacing. It’s completely normal for your cutting pads to become marked and bend slightly.

What is the difference between cutting pads and plates?

There is no difference, cutting pads and cutting plates are the same product.