Grade Level

  • Pre-K - K

    • Develop fine motor skills with hands-on creative projects
    • Teach core curriculum with practical teaching tools
    • Engage young students with activities that encourage creativity and self-expression
    • Inspire creative play and storytelling with finger puppets, paper dolls and dress up clothes
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  • 1-2

    • Bring lessons to life with creative projects that stimulate visual learning to help increase learning retention
    • Make flash cards, puzzles, games, flip books, 3-D shapes and other practical teaching tools for every subject
    • Teach an appreciation for fine arts with creative crafts and storytelling projects
    • Decorate classroom bulletin boards with seasonal and subject-related presentations
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  • 3-5

    • Supplement the curriculum with practical, hands-on teaching tools for every subject
    • Reinforce core concepts with games, puzzles, flash cards and flip books
    • Plan crafts that help students develop an appreciation for fine arts
    • Create motivational and interactive bulletin boards to bring the classroom to life
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