Pricing & Payment Methods

Prices at are “retail.” Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices on the website apply only to purchases made by individuals, teachers, crafters, retailers, schools, colleges, public libraries, churches, hospitals and nonprofit institutions for their own personal use.

Minimum Order
There is no minimum order requirement on

Sales Tax
For your convenience and planning purposes, the website calculates an estimated sales tax amount when orders are placed. (By law, charges sales tax for shipments to California, Colorado, Indiana, Texas, Washington and Utah customers only.) Exact sales tax for your ship-to location will be listed on your invoice and charged to your credit card. Please note that shipping and handling charges may be taxable, depending on your state.

Payment Methods
Credit and Debit Cards accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. Debit cards and pre-paid cards issued by most banks and other institutions are also accepted. Your credit/debit card statement will reflect a charge from Sizzix/Ellison Lake Forest CA.

Ellison Educational Equipment, Inc., is the owner and operator of the website.

Sizzix/Ellison Gift Cards is pleased to sell its own branded Gift Cards to residents of the United States. Gift Cards can be redeemed at and Below are Sizzix/Ellison Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

Please note that we are no longer selling Gift Cards. All previously purchased Gift Cards can be redeemed online at, or the until December 2019. Below are Sizzix/Ellison Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

All Sizzix/Ellison gift card products (“Gift Card”) purchased on are purchased from Ellison Educational Equipment, Inc. (“Ellison” “us” “we” “our”) and deemed purchased in and issued from the State of California.

The risk of loss and title to such Gift Card passes to the purchaser (“you”) upon our electronic transmission to the recipient or delivery to the carrier, whichever is applicable.

Gift Cards may only be used for the purchase of eligible merchandise, as determined by Ellison in its sole discretion, and redeemed online only at or

Only one Gift Card can be redeemed at a time.

Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or credit except where required by law. Unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash.

To check Gift Card balance please visit or

A cardholder cannot add balance to a Gift Card— it is not reloadable— however, the Ellison Customer Service Department may issue a refund or credit to a Gift Card.

The value of returned or partially returned merchandise that is purchased using a Gift Card or a Gift Card with a credit card will be credited to a Gift Card first, with any remaining balance applied to a credit card. Please do not discard your used Gift Card until you are completely satisfied with your purchases.

Ellison is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Gift Cards, nor unauthorized Gift Card use.

A Gift Card is not a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties. End-User Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the purchase of Gift Cards, and are incorporated herein by reference. In case of any inconsistency between End-User Terms and Conditions of Sale and these Gift Card Terms and Conditions in connection with the purchase or use of Gift Cards, the Gift Card Terms and Conditions will prevail.

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