• Common Core

    • Supplement Common Core lesson plans with projects, visual aids and manipulatives for any subject
    • Create curriculum-based visuals and learning games for all grade levels
    • Decorate classroom bulletin boards with subject-appropriate shapes
    • Spend less time preparing classroom materials and more time working with students
    • Save with Common Core subject sets or the 65-die Common Core Mega Set
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  • English Language Arts

    • Complete alphabets in a range of sizes and fonts
    • Shapes and characters that stimulate storytelling and creative play
    • Encourage reading with book-themed activities and games
    • Make books with all sorts of fun shapes for journal writing and reports
    • Encourage a lifelong love of reading with book-related projects and activities
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  • Fine Arts & Crafts

    • Develop fine motor skills with hands-on projects for students in every grade
    • Make great gifts to take home to parents, such as photo frames, greeting cards and ornaments
    • Plan creative projects that relate to holidays, current events or lesson plans
    • Reward student achievements with fun prizes that are fast and easy to make
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  • Health

    • Teach kids about health, wellness and nutrition with a variety of hands-on projects
    • Make matching games and puzzles that teach about food groups and healthy eating
    • Explore basic biology with lessons on the senses, teeth and physical fitness
    • Plan lessons on fire safety, bike safety, sun safety and more with engaging visual materials
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  • Math

    • Make math come alive with hands-on games, activities and puzzles that reinforce core concepts
    • Quickly create flash cards, flip charts and manipulatives that support visual learning
    • From basic numbers and shapes to advanced math concepts, supplement lesson plans for all grade levels
    • Build a solid foundation for further STEAM education
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  • Physical Education

    • Promote physical fitness in the classroom with fun, hands-on projects
    • Encourage good sportsmanship with team sports, activities and competitions
    • Reward achievement on and off the playing field with easy-to-assemble prize ribbons and badges
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  • Science

    • Supplement lesson plans in life, physical, earth and space sciences with creative teaching tools
    • Study plants, animals and insects from around the world
    • From the Stone Age to the Space Age, engage students with interactive projects
    • Teach kids about the importance of recycling and conservation
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  • Social Studies

    • Help students explore the neighborhood and learn about public servants who help the community
    • Teach geography with shapes for every state and continent
    • Bring history to life with US presidents and other important historical figures
    • Introduce different cultures by studying famous buildings and landmarks
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  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)

    • Reinforce core concepts with flashcards, games, puzzles and other teaching tools
    • Create 2-D and 3-D shapes with lessons plans appropriate for all grade levels
    • Introduce earth and life sciences, physics, mechanics, biology and more
    • Combine arts and sciences for a more expansive educational experience
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