• SuperStar

    Looking for your next SuperStar™ in the classroom? Look no further than the SuperStar brand of machines from Ellison®. All-affordable and all-around performers, they create powerful combinations of reinforcing visuals and hands-on activities to help address your important curriculum and standards.

  • SuperStar Excel

    For today's creative classroom, the pro-strength SuperStar™ Excel Machine easily cuts a wide variety of materials to create memorable lessons, study aids, activities and decorations. With just a few turns of its ergonomic handle, the SuperStar Excel Machine uses an extra-wide roller to accommodate SureCut™ and ClearCrop™ Dies through its 12"-wide opening. The included Extended Sliding Tray easily moves multiple dies through the machine's rollers for perfectly cut shapes every time. By using the included Sliding Adapter Pad, you can also cut with Sizzix® Originals™ and Bigz™ Dies and Ellison® AllStar® Dies as well as other brands' steel-rule dies.

  • Prestige Pro

    Up to your most pressing challenges, Prestige™ machines cut many different materials and thicknesses using Ellison® SureCut™ and ClearCrop™ Dies. Perfect for any library, teacher's lounge or media center, Prestige machines offer many years of high-volume shape-cutting fun to benefit any school, while supporting staff lessons and enhancing many learning activities.

  • eclips2

    With no cartridges required, the newly redesigned eclips®2 DIY Electronic Cutter contains an enhanced motor with industrial-strength gears for speed, reduced noise, efficiency, precision cutting and more. In addition, the eclips2 is accompanied by free eCAL lite software to create your own designs, plus cut, score and draw/edit unique shapes for beautiful customized projects from the start. With the eclips2 and eCAL lite, you can weld multiple shapes and letters into one cut. Use Appearance Styles, like Shadow and Blackout, to quickly change the look of letters and shapes. You can also access TrueType, OpenType and fonts currently installed on your computer, including Dingbat/Wingding fonts.

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